Asia BPO Academy

The Asia BPO Academy brings the worldclass in shared services and outsourcing training right here in Malaysia. Offering worldclass training and workforce development solutions backed by the world-leader BCI, ABA delivers to clients and customers the twin advantage of state-of-the-art training and the exclusive BCI certification – under one roof. Not the least of course, the Academy offers BPO and shared services training solutions that cover job-areas like transaction-processing; sales accounting; customer service, helpdesk, back-office documentation, data-processing and technical support, among others.

Asia BPO Academy’s ICT/ digital/ IT training capabilities and resources include worldclass training content; cross-cultural panel of certified trainers; systems and processes of managing large-scale training and transformation projects and unique corporate workforce development programs.

Asia BPO Academy’s portfolio of services include:

1. BPO/ shared services Training & Certification solutions to BPO/ shared services companies for breeding fresh talents, team leaders, trainers and managers.

2. Training and Certification solutions to governments for talent development projects.

3. Training & Employability development solutions to universities and colleges for the ICT/ digital/ IT industry space.

4. Training program and curricula development solutions to organizations for specific ICT/ digital/ IT talent development requirements.

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Programs Offered

Associates Level

• Certified Customer Interaction Professional (CCIP™)

• Certified Backoffice Services Associate (CBSA™)

• Certified F&A Process Associate (CFPA™)

• Certified Technical Support Associate (CTSA™)

Specialist Level

• Certified Customer Interaction Specialist (CCIS™)

• Certified Backoffice Services Specialist (CBSS™)

• Certified F&A Process Specialist (CFPS™)

• Certified Technical Support Specialist (CTSS™)

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