Organisational Culture & Behaviour

Organisational Culture & Behaviour

Changing an organisation’s performance impacts the culture and behaviour; i.e , what do the people do: how do they act, interact, and make decisions. The behaviour of our the workforce determines the shift in company performance. Organisation levers such as structures, process, systems and design act together to impact the behaviour and that in turn can impact the organisational performance.

Making changes to the organisation design or systems without ensuring a shift in behaviour will be damaging to the performance of the organisation. A common language that describes the contributions and behaviours of leaders are essential to the business strategy. Critical that top leaders and their leadership teams take responsibility for leadership and talent management by adhering to corporate values. Active participation of leaders is critical: translating leadership and talent plans into clear and measurable initiatives, devoting significant time to leadership and talent management, and making leaders accountable for talent development.

A high performance culture is developed by the following key factors :-

● Ensure that culture is aligned with organisation strategy
● Shift behaviour to shape organisational culture by moving beyond structures, processes, and systems to address individual and collective behaviour - including mind-sets and capabilities, and team and group dynamics.
● Leaders and Management Teams are provided with personalised coaching and team coaching on Social and Emotional Intelligence to improve their leadership skills and workplace relationships more effectively
● Engaging employees to go the extra mile to achieve goals and the desired people experience
● Having the an organisation environment which drives the right people behaviour

Most importantly, to change a company’s performance is all about behaviour; i.e , what do the people do: how do they act, interact, and make decisions. The behaviour of our the workforce is what determines company performance change

Social and Emotional intelligence

Social + Emotional Intelligence is a form of intelligence that drives our success in work and in life and in our relationships with others. While the concept of social and emotional intelligence is starting to become more widely understood, many are still somewhat unsure of exactly what it is and how it can add to their success on the job and in their personal lives.

Social and emotional intelligence is about being aware of ourselves and others, in the moment, and using that awareness to manage ourselves (our behavior, our responses to stressful or challenging situations), and manage our relationships with others.

The truth is, the most successful people in work and in life have the ability to manage themselves and manage their relationships with others.

Social and emotional intelligence (S+EI or sometimes referred to as EI or EQ) encompasses many skill sets, including stress management, resilience, managing conflict productively, powerful influencing skills, catalyzing change, teamwork and collaboration, building trust and much more.
Unfortunately, we see it most when it’s lacking – think of the boss who explodes when a deadline is missed, or the co-worker whom no one trusts. These people are limited by their lack of S+EI skills

Well the good news here is S+EI can be learned and strengthened throughout our lives. It’s never too late to add these essential skills to your career strategy, and research concludes the fastest way to enhance your S+EI skills is through coaching.

About SEIP

The Social + Emotional Intelligence
Profile (SEIP)® is the most comprehensive social and emotional intelligence assessment instrument on the market today, measuring 26 distinct social and emotional intelligence competencies.

Now people can instantly see their strengths and potential vulnerabilities when it comes to social and emotional intelligence. The SEIP® is available as a self-assessment electronically via the web complete with practical suggestions on how an individual can strengthen and enhance his/her social and emotional intelligence.

The SEIP® is also available in a 360 version in which an individual’s supervisor, peers, direct reports and other can provide anonymous, confidential feedback to the individual in order to help them become more aware of how they are perceived by others and their impact on others.