Asia HR Academy

The Asia HR Academy brings the worldclass in Human Resources training right here in Malaysia. Offering worldclass training and workforce development solutions backed by the world-leader HRCI, AHRA delivers to clients and customers the exclusive Globally recognized HR certification.

HRCI - the most trusted HR certification organization in the world, with more than 40 years of operation - provides credentials for a range of HR experience levels. Whether you are an HR expert or just starting out in the field, HRCI offers a suite of eight (8) proven HR credentials including four internationally recognized certificates, which will be your guarantee of professional qualifications in the HR field.

Promeritus is delighted to collaborate with HRCI as their partner for Malaysia to develop globally recognised HR professionals.

Introducing HRCI

We believe it is paramount for HR professionals to also gain recognition on HR excellence by getting endorsed with a global reputable HR certification body such as HR Certification Institute (HRCI).

HR Certification Institute® (HRCI)is the premier credentialing organization for the human resource profession, setting the standard for HR rigor, excellence and expertise for more than 45 years. Being an independent nonprofit organization, HRCI is dedicated to advancing the HR profession by developing and administering best-in-class accredited certifications ranging from Associate levels to Senior HR Professional programs.

Globally there are more than 145,000 certified HR professionals, with thousands more certifying each year. Certification is increasingly being recognized as an essential standard for human resource managers. Many companies already limit employment in human resource management positions to those who are certified professionals.

HRCI Certification: Career & Business Advantage

Through the combination of formal education, adherence to high ethical standards, demonstrated knowledge and achievement through exam and a renewed commitment to continuing professional development, HR professionals certified by the HR Certification Institute enhance their professional credibility and the organizations they serve. An independent 2015 report from the Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO) provides proof that certified professionals have many advantages over non-certified peers:

Career Benefits: For the serious HR Leaders, HRCI certification is a must-have career advantage. HRCI certification holders report better employment prospects, higher annual salaries, faster income growth and higher levels of career satisfaction. Today, HR professionals from over 100 countries proudly maintain the HR Certification Institute's credentials as a mark of world-class HR aptitude and innovation.

Business Benefits: With HRCI letters next to your name, organizations are confident that you have the expertise to perform at the highest level - that you have what it takes to provide strategic HR and human capital management direction - that you can create advantages out of constantly shifting technologies, laws, employee needs and workplace environments. In fact, 98 percent of Fortune 500 companies have HRCI-certified professionals among their leadership ranks.

Associate Professional in Human Resources - International™ aPHRi

The first -ever HR certification designed for professionals who are just beginning their HR career journey.

Entry level for those with a passion in pursuing a career in HR.

Applicable for foundational HR for students, early-career HR.

Professionals, Non-HR Practitioners and those transitioning into HR roles.

aPHRi™ Exam weighting by Functional Area are as follows:

• Functional Area 01 | HR Operations (33%)

• Functional Area 02 | Recruitment & Selection (22%)

• Functional Area 03 | Employee Relations (15%)

• Functional Area 04 | Compensation, Benefits (15%)

• Functional Area 05 | Human Resource Development & Retention (10%)

• Functional Area 06 | Health, Safety and Security (5%)

Professional in Human Resource, International™ (PHRi)

Designed for internationally based human resource practitioners, as it validates professional-level competency, knowledge and skills to help propel your HR career forward.

Master’s Degree coupled with 1 year of HR experience
Bachelor’s Degree coupled with 2 years of HR experience
Diploma/Higher Diploma coupled with 4 years of HR experience

PHRi™, equips with mastery of generally accepted technical and operational HR principles in a single international setting.

PHRi™ Exam weighting by Functional Area:-

• Functional Area 01 | Talent Acquisition (19%)

• Functional Area 02 | HR Administration and Shared Services (19%)

• Functional Area 03 | Talent Management and Development (19%)

• Functional Area 04 | Compensation, Benefits, and Work Experience (17%)

• Functional Area 05 | Employee Relations & Risk Management (16%)

• Functional Area 06 | HR Information Management (10%)

Senior Professional in Human Resources - International™ SPHRi

With the Senior Professional in Human Resources - International™ (SPHRi™), senior Human Resource Professionals and HR Leaders will be able to demonstrate strategic international HR leadership.

HR strategy, policy development and service delivery, SHRi is suitable for those in HR leadership roles responsible for HR strategic and policy development and service delivery in a geographic region outside the U.S.

Master’s Degree coupled with 4 years of HR experience
Bachelor’s Degree coupled with 5 years HR of experience
Diploma/Higher Diploma coupled with 7 of years HR

The SPHRi™ equips mastery of generally accepted HR principles in strategy, policy development and service delivery in a single international setting.

SPHRi™Exam Weighting by Functional Area:-

• Functional Area 01 | Business Leadership (31%)

• Functional Area 02 | Talent Development & Management (27%)

• Functional Area 03 | HR Service Delivery (24%)

• Functional Area 04 | Measurement and Analysis (18%)

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