Unlock the potential of your people:
By empowering every employee to take charge of their career development

For Companies:

Promeritus360, our online career development platform is specifically designed to ensure your people can drive and own their own career development. There are many critical skills which are required in addition to the academic achievements of employees in order to be retained while they grow internally within their organisations.

Promeritus360 is a dedicated measurable private environment where your employees can work on their career development, career well-being, transferable skills and, where needed, be supported through redeployment or a career transition. The platform includes 1000+ videos, eLearning assets, articles and interactive assessments and in-built analytics to measure the impact on each employee.

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For Individuals:

The Promeritus360 Career Centre is packed with interactive tools, e-learning content and the latest job opportunities. It is designed to help students, graduates and professionals navigate today's job market and move their career forward with confidence, whether they are searching for their first role or going through next career or Transition. Promeritus360 enables individuals to take charge of their own career development by understanding their own career aspirations, motivations, preferences & values. They will have the opportunity to take a career assessment or an interview simulation to prepare for a job application process, then develop anytime their management, teamwork, presentation, communication, resilience and other core career skills.

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For Career Transition & Outplacement solutions:

Employees in career transition due to redundancy exercises in organisations lose more than their jobs as they are not only left feeling insecure about their future but also low on self esteem and self confidence. Promeritus360 provides a powerful and comprehensive outplacement solution by supporting employees to reskill or upskill themselves to return to the job market. Key areas of support provided by way of intuitive technology includes improving self - awareness while helping them build confidence & success at interviews by also improving the quality of job their searches. Employees improve on their employability skills and developing their personal brand.

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